Domain Forwarding

How to forward a domain to another website using the DNS system

In this example, we'll forward and to

In the DNS records for you would need to add the following records:

  • <blank> A (Address)
  • <blank> URL (Redirect)
  • www A (Address)
  • www URL (Redirect)

Each sub-domain you wish to forward requires these pairs of records. An A record to and a URL record with the destination.

This system allows significant flexibility in your DNS configuration and you are able to mix real DNS records with specific forwarding instructions, something not normally possible in many registrar systems.

Forwarding options

There are actually two types of forwarding available; redirect and frame based. It is generally recommended to use the redirect variant.

Frame-based (sometimes called masked) puts the destination website into a frame within the browser window to hide the destination website URL in the browser location bar and make it look like it's all running on the source domain. This is generally bad from a search engine perspective because they don't like to see the same website running on multiple domains, it's much better to present a single URL for each website you operate.

The redirect method, on the other hand, will rewrite the URL in the browser from the source to be the destination of the forward.

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