Managing DNS Records

Managing Your DNS Records

If you have registered domains with us and wish to manage your DNS, here is how to do this:

  • Login to the control panel
  • Click on Domains (or Domains > My Domains from the top menu bar)
  • Click anywhere within the line for the domain you wish to manage or on the wrench button (but NOT on the domain name text itself - this is just a link to the website)
  • Click on DNS Management from the left hand menu

If DNS Management is not showing in the left hand menu, you may need to add this to the domain. It's a no cost addition. To add this to your domain, click on the Addons menu item and work through the "purchase" process for DNS Host Record Management.

To update existing entries:

  • Simply edit the lines on screen and then click Save Changes when done

To add new entries:

  • Add new entries (one line at a time) using the blank line at the bottom and then click Save Changes after you add each line

To check this DNS service is the one active on your domain:

  • Click on Nameserversfrom the left hand menu, this should show the following name servers for the DNS entries added using the above method to be operational on your domain:
  • If anything other than the above is showing, then you are NOT managing your DNS via this system
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